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Optimize the lifecycle maintenance of your vessels.

PMS Manager allows ship owners and operators to actively track maintenance at user-defined intervals or according to manufacturer and Classification Society requirements. The maintenance, planning and scheduling along with its corresponding documentation, is documented and recorded through the PMS Manager functionality, providing a reliable and an efficient reporting toolset.

All technical historical data and performance records are easily accessible at a click of the button to:

  • Technical managers at the office
  • Superintendent and Marine Engineers at remote locations
  • Chief Engineers onboard the vessel

The smart-grid format allows for immediate assessment of vessel machinery allowing Technical Managers to optimize and accurately plan a vessels maintenance system. Our SBS Active Calendar combined with automated email notifications become an indispensable tool for crew managers. User-defined notifications with 3-phase alert escalations provide immediate feedback on the status of items ensure that the vessel never miss overdue items.

The features of PMS Manager include:

  • Active calendar
  • Automatic notification alerts and warnings
  • Condition monitoring and maintenance scheduling for machinery, equipment & parts
  • Vessel machinery running hour logs with diagram display and customizable algorithms
  • KPIs and customized reports
  • Intuitive databases of all certificates and files
  • Electronic equipment lists
  • Active Inventory Management
  • Machinery specification databases
  • Maintenance & calibration guides
  • Key Performance Index and other customized reports

I2QS’s PMS Manager meets all class type requirements and is certified by NKK Class.

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