“Together we help our customers solve
their most complex challenges”

Founded in 2009, I2QS is emerging as a leader of highly scalable software solutions, with application in a large range of service-based companies and organizations. The company was found by a team of professional software engineers with an original and restless mind. I2QS is an independent firm of designers, planners, engineers, consultants and specialists, working across every aspect of software industry.

I2QS provides advanced software business solutions such as the SBS Manager Suite, which combines core business management systems, integrated with a range of collaborative and business intelligence solutions. Our proven customized software solutions are today providing significant efficiency gains leading to increased productivity and decreased operating expenses to shipping and commercial companies.

With a customer-driven approach and a focus on quality, I2QS creates reliable, future-proof and cost-effective designs always in-line with the latest industry standards.

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I2QS actively collaborates with leaders across the maritime industry, as well as with a range of renowned customers and partners throughout virtually every industrial sector, either private or public, to offer innovative, effective and affordable solutions for their IT systems and network infrastructure.