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Gain from an effective and reliable system for your crew data management.

Having access to quality seafarers is increasingly challenging for all shipping companies and operators. Crew Manager allows you to have a clear view of your crew data and history and manage personnel assignments. With crew details, evaluation experience and certificates all stored in the system it enables you to ensure that your vessel is appropriately manned and demonstrate this to potential customers – a critical factor in winning business. Crew Manager is a flexible, user-friendly and fully customizable management tool that ensures significant efficiency gains leading to increased productivity and reduced operating expenses.

The supported Crew Manager features include:

  • Active calendar
  • Automatic notification alerts and warnings
  • Certificates and files
  • Medical histories
  • Training records
  • Crew planners
  • Seafarer services
  • Crew appraisals
  • KPIs and customized reports
  • MGA payrolls

By using SBS Crew Manager Suite our customers will be able to gain an ongoing, measurable control of the Crew Department, resulting in better performance and continuous improvement of the company’s operational effectiveness.

SBS Crew Manager offers a unique structure to assist you achieve full GDPR Compliance.

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