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Bring all of your company’s functions together, under a customizable, integrated platform.

Why choose Accounting Manager? Because it is so much more than just another Accounting soſtware package! It ensures that the Organization’s accounting procedures are integrated into the Management System. The Accounting Manager is also a necessary tool for senior Management. By accumulating information from each of the other SBS Modules, the Accounting Manager ties together the company’s operational activities and financial processes under a united BOSS platform.

Active budget management and cost-control are easily monitored and maintained by Heads of Department, reporting to the senior Management through customized reporting schedules.

Comprehensive Cash Management and Accounting Schedules are controlled through the unified BOSS platform and can be exported into any format required for financial reporting, including MS Excel.

Through the Active Calendar management:

  • Creditor schedules become automated from receipt of invoices
  • Through the integrated 3-phase escalation alerting functionality, time-sensitive payment planning becomes available to all levels of accounting personnel.

Accounting manager has been built specifically to cater for the needs of the Shipping Industry incorporating all the key functions, and can be customized according to the type of shipping business.

The features of the Accounting Manager include:

  • Budgetary and Cost-Controls
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Cash Flow Reports
  • Group Management Accounts
  • Multi-Company Accounts
  • Multi-Currency Accounts
  • Cost Accounting and Debit Note Creation Functionality
  • Integration with Voyage and Chartering Accounts
  • Integration with Operations and Disbursements Accounts
  • Integration with Crew & MGA Managers for final Control and Cost Accounting
  • Integration with the Purchasing Module and Inventory Control
  • ISM and PMS trigger expenses through the Purchasing Module and final Cost Accounting
  • Control and Approval of Expenses and Accounts is continuously tracked
  • File and Document Management

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