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Let your customers use a flexible & powerful reporting tool that fully meets their requirements.

Operations Manager is the ultimate reporting tool that provides the shipboard and office
personnel for keeping track of all Shipping and Port Operations. The biggest advantage of
Operations Manager is that the Reporting Tool is easily customizable according to our Clients’
reporting requirements. Reporting is completed through SBS Manager and sent by direct
email and/or through the SBS auto-sync functionality. Reports are easily accessed for full
evaluation and comparison across the fleet.

The Shipping Operations Application involves reporting all Ships Transits (Arrival, Departure,
and Noon Reports) and all kind of Port Activities providing full and detailed Reports related to
Statement of Facts, Cargo Loading/Discharging, Bunkering, Repairs and other related
Operations, customized to the specific vessel type.

Operations Manager is fully integrated with the Accounting, Budgetary and Quality functionalities, providing the shore Operations team valuable information on the fleet, cargo and port statistics. Additional features of Operations Manager include:

• Automatic notification alerts and warnings
• Certificates and files
• Port Info
• Historical data
• Benchmarking of Performance Monitoring
• Voyage Calculator and Final Voyage Results can be recorded on Accounts
• Statistical data (Performance, Consumption and Commercial stats)
• Seamless integration with PMS, ISM and Accounting Managers
• Easy-to-use on board
• Key Performance Index and other customized reports

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