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Eliminate errors and get multiple benefits while administrating your tasks in a stress-free environment.

Masters General Account (MGA) Manager makes quick and simple for Masters at sea to manage shipboard payroll and other administrative tasks using a consistent methodology, meaning less stress all-round. MGA Manager import/export unique utility means your shore-based accounting staff can do all the groundwork for preparing the Master’s account, reducing the administrative burden for the Masters and leaving them more time to get on with running the ship.

An error-free, clear Portage Bill makes your Masters’ and shore-based staff life much easier, by minimizing time lost checking mistakes, correcting oversights and chasing information back and forth between shore and ship. A great deal of attention has been paid to making Masters General Account as practical and usable as possible for your Masters and accounting staff. MGA Manager can export every report in a Microsoſt Excel© format, meaning you won’t need to spend time and money training staff to use new soſtware. Datasheets are presented in shipping industry language and familiar formats your staff will be able to easily grasp.

The supported MGA Manager includes a series of effective features, such as:

  • Active calendar
  • Automatic notification alerts and warnings
  • Seafarer contracts
  • Greek books
  • Cash statements
  • Account information details
  • Key Performance Index and other customized reports
  • MGA payrolls

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