“Integration of TELiX Email with SBS Manager ERP Enables cooperation and efficiency for daily tasks”

A.B. Maritime Inc. was incorporated in 1981. The Company has been active in the management and operation of vessels worldwide, mainly in the carriage of bulk cargoes. The principals, their associates and the senior executives of the Company have a long-standing involvement in the industry spanning a period of nearly 40 years, involved in all aspects of shipping. A.B. Maritime is using TELiX Suite by LgMAR in order to handle its email traffic and ERP needs are covered by SBS Manager Suite by I2QS.

“Most shipping companies depend on more than one information technology systems. It is important for us that such systems cooperate, whenever possible, to make available information to users in an easy and friendly manner.We depend on TELiX and we find it is an efficient and flexible message management systems for shipping.  Same with SBS Manager Suite, it is an advanced ERP software business solution.As the daily amount of work A.B. Maritime has increased, the need for collaboration between the two systems became stronger. LgMAR and I2QS managed to achieve cooperation between their platforms enabling us to be more efficient and faster on our daily tasks”

says Mr. Spyros Vamvakas Chairman of A.B. Maritime

WT3 is part of the TELiX suite of products, the leading maritime message management system that introduced electronic messaging in shipping. WT3 is offering a user friendly, intuitive interface for email, fax, telex, sms, drag and drop company and personal filing, extensive classification, remote access, and a plethora of company and personal tools to handle your messaging and communications.

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